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RIVERMARO is an intimate countryside home project surrounded by nature, with access to both the river and beach just 6 minutes away.

It offers a peaceful space surrounded by nature where you can build your home very close to the beach.

✓ Just 2 km from Playa El Palmar
✓ Close to restaurants and other points of interest
✓ 3 minutes from the Interamerican Highway 
✓ Well-maintained access roads
✓ Opportunity to choose your future home

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You decide what your house in Rivermaro will be like! You can propose your design to the architecture committee or choose one of the three models: KAUAI, OHAU, or RIO/RIVER.

Kauia Model

✓ 2 bedrooms 

✓1 full bath

✓ Terrace

✓ Parking Area

✓ Basic landscaping included



Prices are verified prior to the construction of the model and vary according to each location, start date, and other aspects of the home construction. Includes grass on the lot. Optional: Pool, deck, covered parking, lot fencing.

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Rivermaro is an intimate family project surrounded by nature. In addition to having a river and beach nearby, it offers access to supermarkets, schools, health centers, restaurants, and recreational spots. In short, everything you need to live a comfortable and organic experience.

We are in the PRE-SALE phase. Don’t wait any longer!